Below are a few tips

to help you feel comfortable & ready to practice as you enter the HeartSong studio.

ARRIVAL Students are asked to arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes prior to class. If a class is in session when you arrive, relax in our inviting lobby for a few moments until the classroom doors open. Because late arrival can be disruptive to the flow of a class, latecomers will be admitted, at the discretion of the teacher, only within the first 5 minutes of class.

PAYMENT To ensure your space in class, we encourage you to register and pay online through our website. If you choose to pay when you arrive at the studio, please allow a few minutes to complete that process prior to entering the classroom. Payment is required prior to attending class. If you need to cancel for a class, you must do so at least two hours prior to the published class time to receive credit for your class payment. Late cancellations  (within two hours of class) are not refundable.

SHOES Shoes are not permitted beyond the front lobby of the studio. We have provided an area for you to leave your shoes near the door and coats in the lobby. Valuables may be stored in the cubbies provided inside the classroom.

QUIET Please speak quietly while in the studio, especially in the hallway and retail area. This will allow other students to enjoy their class in session and to find a peaceful moment in their day. Please place your electronic devices on airplane mode or turn it off as soon as you enter the studio. Electronic devices are not permitted in practice areas, and must be stored in the cubbies inside the classroom to minimize disruption. Since bright lights and sounds can often be a distraction in yoga classes we also ask that all smart watches and fitness devices be placed in the appropriate mode as well.

WATER Feel free to bring water into the classroom, but be sure that it is in a bottle that is sealed and cannot spill if knocked over.

LEAVING CLASS EARLY We ask that you not skip Savasana unless there are extenuating circumstances. Savasana is part of your class, the final asana (pose) that provides an important transition from your practice back into your daily life. If you must leave prior to Savasana, advise your teacher prior to the beginning of class so your mat can be placed in an appropriate spot to allow you to leave quickly and quietly.

HONOR YOUR BODY! Please listen to your body and do only what feels comfortable for you. It is your responsibility to tell your teacher if you have any physical issues (injuries, illnesses such as high blood pressure, etc.). Your teacher may be able to make modifications to make your practice more comfortable, or may recommend that you eliminate parts of the practice. It is your responsibility to be sure that you have discussed your physical activity with your physician to ensure that this form of physical exercise is appropriate for you, and to be sure that your teacher is aware of any conditions that might impact your practice.

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